White Space in Graphic Design, and Why It’s Important

White Space in Graphic Design, and Why It's Important

When was the last time you actively considered the role of nothingness in your life? We generally focus on the tangible–however, a strong design requires careful attention to both what’s there and what isn’t there. White space (sometimes spelled “whitespace”) is integral because it tells our brains which elements in the design are the most […]

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The Top 7 Mistakes When Using Promotional Products

The Top 7 Mistakes When Using Promotional Products

Unlike more well-known (and more expensive) means of marketing, promotional products can be customized and implemented in many radically different ways. This versatility is a double-edged sword; it gives marketers more choices, but it also means that there are many different opportunities to make mistakes along the way. When using promotional products for advertising or […]

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How Customer Service Creates Value

How Customer Service Creates Value

As Bill Gates once said, “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Although customer complaints are commonly perceived as a negative sign of performance, wise companies realize that they can actually be a valuable asset. In fact, with proper handling, they have the ability to contribute to a company’s effectiveness and goodwill […]

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How to Eliminate “To Be” Verbs in Business Writing

How to Eliminate "To Be" Verbs in Business Writing

Verbs are massively important in business writing; a product would be nothing without its ability to “zoom,” “shine,” “enhance” or “satisfy.” But one of the most commonly used verbs in copywriting is also one of the most problematic–one that we rarely even realize that we’re using. That verb is “be,” and while we could hardly […]

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14 Different Types of Promotional Drinking Glasses

14 Different Types of Promotional Drinking Glasses

You probably wouldn’t use wine glasses at a casual business luncheon; nor would you hand out plastic stadium cups at a fancy corporate dinner. Branded drinking glasses are wildly versatile – they can serve as both event decor and promotional products. But it’s vital to use the correct type of glass for each scenario. With […]

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Presentation Folders

Effective Presentation Folder

Presentation folders are like wrapping paper for the ideas that you want to present. What’s inside the folder won’t be seen until the right moment, so the outside has to grab the recipient’s attention and keep them excited for what’s in store. Do you want to present your company’s important ideas and information in an […]

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Metallic Foil Stamping vs. Metallic PMS Ink

Metallic Foil Stamping

If you want to add a metallic finish to your marketing collateral, you’ll have to make the inevitable choice between foil stamping versus metallic PMS ink. Both techniques enhance the look of your materials by simulating the shiny gleam of metal — conveying both a sense of class and authority. However, they are both completely […]

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How Soy-Based Ink is Made, and Why You Should Use It

Soybeans Used for Manufacturing Soy-Based Ink

The use of soy has affected a multitude of industries: food, health, plastics and clothing to name a few. Soybeans are used to create anything from crayons to cosmetics. Similarly, the benefits of soy-based ink (compared to other inks) have had a drastic impact on how we create newspapers, marketing collateral and other documents with […]

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4 Indispensable Tips for Designing Embossed Presentation Folders

Sculpture Embossed Folder

Custom embossing is a excellent way to give presentation folders and other marketing materials an elegant touch. As opposed to dry embossing which is sometimes done by hand by scrapbookers and craft enthusiasts, most commercial printers use heat embossing to squeeze and reshape paper into a customized design of your choice. The process has some […]

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6 Excellent Press Kit Packaging Ideas

6 Excellent Press Kit Packaging Ideas

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” Many of us would love to believe this; it would be awfully refreshing if substance and character were all that mattered for making a good impression. But like it or not, when it comes to creating press kit packaging, appearances matter a great deal. Even if the contents […]

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