Photoshop Video Tutorial: Print Ready Documents

Adobe Photoshop

In this 7-part video tutorial, we’ll explain how to use Adobe Photoshop to prepare your print ready document for a commercial printer from start to finish. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and leave a comment if you have any questions about preparing your Photoshop artwork for printing materials. Video Transcript Welcome Welcome […]

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8 Irresistible Press Kit Ingredients

Business Reporter

Regardless of whether you’re promoting a band, a book or a small business, a media press kit is an important part of getting the word out. Think of it as your ultimate liason with bloggers, investors, and anyone else you want to connect with. Without a good press kit, it’s likely that whatever you want […]

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Using the Pen Tool to Cut an Object from Its Background in Photoshop


A lot of times, new or inexperienced designers using Photoshop might use the Lasso Tool, Eraser Tool or Magic Wand (as opposed to the Pen Tool) to cut an image out of its background. While these methods may work, they can have many drawbacks. The final image could still contain portions of the background, have […]

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5 Cardinal Rules of Presentation Folder Quality

Presentation Folder Design

No one makes a good impression with cheap, shoddy marketing materials. When you’re looking for presentation folders, you almost certainly want them to be high quality. But finding impeccable, professional-looking folders isn’t always as easy as it sounds. We critique movies, books, food, and even celebrity fashion on a regular basis. But there’s not a […]

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Essential Ideas for Successful Promotional Giveaways

Promotional Magnets Giveaway

A promotional giveaway is a nice way to give back to those who frequent your business, but it can actually help to encourage business as well. Giving away promotional products is one of the most cost-effective means of marketing available; in fact, promotional products cost less per impression than cable TV ads. Giving free gifts […]

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10 Ideas for Event Branding on a Small Budget

Academy Awards Oscars

Successful event branding involves more than just slapping your company logo onto a few decorations. It’s about creating a unique experience for the attendees, one that keeps them engaged while also consistently reminding them of your brand. This may be a challenge if you’re on a tight budget. But there are several easy solutions that […]

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The Pros of Giving Promotional Products as Gifts

Advertising Cost Per Impression, Source: Advertising Specialty Institute

Promotional gifts have become more and more popular in the last couple decades. In a 1991 study sponsored by PPAI, less than half of the participating businesses had given corporate gifts. Compare that to 2007, when about 84% percent of the surveyed companies gave business gifts. Clearly, this is a trend that has caught on. […]

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Active vs. Passive Voice: Examples in Business Writing

Active vs. Passive Voice: Examples in Business Writing

A couple weeks ago, we explored how to use passive and active voice in business writing. If you’ve read that post, you hopefully have a good handle on the basic definition and difference between active voice and passive voice sentences. Now, let’s get a little more in-depth and take a look at some business copywriting […]

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Understanding the “Show, Don’t Tell” Marketing Strategy

Show Dont Tell Inception

“Show, don’t tell” is considered one of the most valuable secrets of writing (for both creative fiction and marketing) because it relies on the imagination of the audience. Much like in the movie Inception, your goal is to plant an idea in the mind of your prospect without them being fully aware of it. A […]

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An Essential Guide to Persuasive Brochure Copywriting

An Essential Guide to Persuasive Brochure Copywriting

You wouldn’t buy a product without seeing it first, but you also wouldn’t buy something you know nothing about. Even though a good company brochure is visually-oriented, it does more than just display attractive pictures. It uses words to influence its audience. That’s why the value of brochure copywriting shouldn’t be ignored. A brochure’s writing […]

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