5 Ways Promotional Gifts Can Launch Your New Product

Promotional ProductsIt’s obvious that there’s way more to the launch of a new product or service than simply using a few promotional items. But the items that you do pick can go a long way. Promotional products allow you to be creative and give your customers something fun and useful that also helps promote your product in a memorable way.

Who gets your
promotional items?

First, think about your target market. Where do they get most of their information from? You want to focus your efforts on those who provide information to people who will buy your product. Journalists who write for news-papers and magazines in your industry as well as influential bloggers and early adopter groups all make excellent recipients.

Raise awareness, build anticipation

One of the best ways to create curiosity about your product launch is to directly mail your promotional item to your existing clients or customers. Include a few details about the product launch with the item, but don’t give away everything. You’re trying to heighten their anticipation.

A long shelf life

Traditional advertising doesn’t create something that your prospects will always remember, much less motivate them to go out and buy your product. You want people to remember your product or service. Promotional products ensure that your product launch is memorable; they stick around and become items that people live with. The cost per impression rate of promotional products is also among the lowest in the advertising industry. At an average of $0.004 (according to an Advertising Specialty Institute Impression Study), they are an excellent value.

What to choose

The vast array of promotional items available means there’s usually at least one that can relate to your new product. It doesn’t have to be exact, it could simply reflect or call to mind a specific feature of your product.

There are a number of options:

  • Create stickers or magnets that are die cut versions of your product featuring your business contact info
  • A photo of your product can be printed on a variety of products including T-shirts, sweatshirts, frisbees, yo-yos, mouse pads, note pads, and any other number of items
  • An event planner or calendar can be pre-marked with your product launch date

You could also create your own item. Think of a miniature replica of your product that could be attached to key chains and pens, or even suspended in the base of a mug or a piece of glassware. Your only limitations are your budget and imagination.

Don’t forget your team

Who is more integral to the success of your new product than your own staff? Your employees are your biggest talkers and one of your largest assets. Whenever you launch a new product, always make sure to preview it to them. Make sure any promotional items you’re passing out are also given to members of your staff – you never know what conversations these items may start, and the more people who have them, the better. Getting your employees excited and talking positively to people they know about your business will help get the word out about your new product.


The promotion of a product launch or service has a lot to do with the continuing success of a company. Promotional products really do have clear advantages, making them an invaluable tool when it comes to launching your new product or service.

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