InDesign Video Tutorial: Print Ready Documents

Adobe InDesign

In this 4-part video tutorial, we’ll explain how to use Adobe InDesign to prepare your print ready document for a commercial printer from start to finish. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and leave a comment if you have any questions about preparing your InDesign artwork for printing materials. Video Transcription Welcome Welcome […]

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All About Coating Finishes for Your Presentation Folders

All About Coating Finishes for Your Presentation Folders

Coatings allow you to make your marketing materials shiny, silky, soft, or simply stronger. A coating envelops folders within a film, finish or sealant that enhances the appearance, texture or durability of your marketing collateral. All coatings help to protect the ink in your folder design from smearing or fading. They can also alter the […]

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When to Use Adobe Illustrator vs. Photoshop vs. InDesign


One of the things that can be frustrating to creative professionals is receiving files that have been put together using the wrong piece of design software. It could be anything from using Adobe Illustrator instead of InDesign for layout or a logo that has been put together using Photoshop. While it’s expected that pros should […]

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Screen Printing vs. Pad Printing: What’s The Difference?


When you create promotional products or certain other types of printed, three-dimensional marketing collateral, there’s a good chance you’ll end up using one of two different printing methods: screen printing or pad printing. Though it’s typically best to entrust the actual printing to experts, it never hurts to learn the definition and the difference between […]

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Always Be Optimizing: The Key to Marketing Success


While salesmen strive to “always be closing,” those in the marketing business would do well to “always be optimizing” their campaigns. You might recognize “always be closing” as a common sales phrase popularized by Alec Baldwin’s character in the film Glengarry Glen Ross. Though somewhat controversial, the meaning of the phrase boils down to “always […]

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How To Run A “Wild Posting” Campaign (Without Getting Arrested)

How To Run A "Wild Posting" Campaign (Without Getting Arrested)

When one thinks of “wild posting” (also known as “flyposting” in the UK), the image that tends to spring to mind is of masked vandals “fighting the system,” putting up posters decrying the evils of corporate culture (or maybe just plugging their band). But in fact, this fundamental form of guerrilla marketing has become increasingly […]

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How an ‘Unsinkable’ Marketing Campaign Led the Titanic to Disaster


The sinking of the RMS Titanic has become a symbol for the ultimate catastrophe. But in light of the various factors that led this iconic “unsinkable” ship to meet with tragedy in 1912, one very significant element is often overlooked: the Titanic‘s advertisement and marketing strategy. The White Star Line’s marketing plan for the Titanic […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Your New Product Launch

The Ultimate Guide to Your Product Launch

According to Jack Gordon, CEO of AcuPOLL Research Inc., up to 95% of all new product introductions fail. A sobering statistic to say the least. With this in mind we’ve put together The Ultimate Guide to Your New Product Launch. Packed with successful strategies, plans, tactics and information, it’s a great way to get your […]

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Why It’s Crucial To “Bleed” When Printing

Why It's Crucial To "Bleed" When Printing

“Full bleed” might not sound like something you’d necessarily want. But bleed printing is absolutely crucial for avoiding accidental unprinted edges in your document. Have you ever baked cookies? When you use a cookie cutter, you typically roll out a lot of dough first, way more than you’d actually need for any single cookie. You […]

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Product Distribution Channels: Getting Your Launch Started On The Right Foot

Product Distribution Channels: Getting Your Launch Started On The Right Foot

How do you get your new product to the person who needs it most? It’s an age-old question. The product distribution channels that you use achieve the most fundamental goal: enabling customers to buy your product. While you can review them at any time, they’re especially important when targeting a new audience, or bringing a […]

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