Press Kits Grab Attention For Your Product Launch

New Product Press PacketEveryone wants to get as much attention or media coverage as possible when launching their new product. Press kits make this happen. Journalists, bloggers, reporters and news editors get press releases for new product launches all the time. By providing them with more information by means of your press packet, you’re giving yourself a better chance that your product is the one they’ll want to cover.

How they help your launch

Your press kit is a valuable public relations tool that can be handed out in both print and electronic versions. They’re useful for a product launch because they quickly provide information to the reader. It helps them save time. By telling them immediately what they need to know about your product, you can save them from having to go and hunt for information themselves. Not providing the reader with all the necessary information usually leads into one of three things:

  • They don’t write about your company or product (most-likely option) because face it; you are not Google or
    Apple. They see no need to track you down. They can just pick to write about someone else.
  • They miss key components about your company or your product. This can happen if you spend too much
    time writing about how great the product is without actually providing information. For the writer, this is often
    just filler copy.
  • You might not get the placement you wanted. A great example of this is when you forget pictures of your
    logo, your top executives and your product. If you don’t have materials that fit the media’s allotted space, you
    might not get that prime placement.


Another important component is to make the materials easy to read. Subheadings and bullet points ensure that
your audience will walk away with plenty of knowledge. Be sure to provide both solid facts and a graphic to make
them easier to digest. Try to remove salesy and marketing jargon; it won’t impress reporters, who have enough
boring press releases to read already.

Press kits can also be a good communication tool to send to potential and current clients, investors and other
colleagues – anyone who can spread the word. Your press kit is a great way to build relationships or enhance existing

What it can include

The more content you can add to your press packet about your new product, the better. Add as much relevant
and informative content as possible.

  1. Press Release
    Your new product can’t go to market without one. Prospects will be interested in learning something new about your product, and a press release provides that information to the media. They can be written by a PR agency, in-house PR specialist, or a salesperson – anyone who knows the product well. It should explain:

    • Why your product is needed in the market
    • Quote from product manager, CEO or other company rep discussing why the product is so important
    • When and where the product will be available
    • Call to action – info on the product name, website, contact
  2. Fact Sheet
    Provides an overview of your product. You’ll also want to include other information like key features,
    benefits and how your product can be used.
  3. Company Bio and Background Information
    Explains how you’re in the position to launch your product in the first place.
  4. Quote Sheet
    Insight from those involved with the product’s launch and development. Make sure you include
    high level company executives, product developers and anyone else who played a significant role in bringing
    the product to market.
  5. CD/DVD
    Include professionally shot, high resolution images or video of your product. These materials can
    then be used on your website, on YouTube, or on other social media sites. Also, you’ll want to include your
    logo and photos of key members of your staff.
  6. Promotional Literature
    Include business cards of appropriate contacts, as well as brochures and flyers.
  7. Sample of the Product
    You’ll have to judge this based on what your product is. If it’s too expensive or large, it won’t be expected to be included.
  8. Media contact information
    Gives the media a representative of the company that they can contact if they have any questions or want follow up information.



Put together your press kit for your new product launch as soon as possible. Give it to a journalist or someone
else who is in the media that makes sense; it could be a blogger or a newspaper, TV, or radio reporter. Don’t miss
out on free media coverage that will help ensure that your product is a success.

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