Why Launch Your New Product at a Conference?

Launching New Product ConferencePicture a turtleneck-clad Steve Jobs, holding the latest piece of Apple technology in his hands, telling us all how his product will change the world. Your company may not have the power or budget to hold an Apple-like event on its own, but a conference is a great way to introduce your product to the world.

Why launch your product
at a conference?

Exhibitors, suppliers, attendees and the press can number into the hundreds at these events. They often coincide with major trade shows or industry conventions, amplifying your potential audience even more. If you have a unique idea, a conference provides the exposure that your product needs to be successful by placing it in front of journalists and other industry insiders. The downside is that there can be many other companies in your same position. Their products could be better than yours, but they also could be worse. Either way, a good idea could get lost in the shuffle.

A conference can also be a good way to get honest feedback about your product. Attendees probably don’t know you or your business. This gives you unfiltered responses to how your product is really perceived.

Depending on the event and the allotted floor space, you’ll probably have the opportunity to set up an area where you can show off your product to other attendees. This is an excellent avenue for lead generation; have attendees sign up for more information about your product as they come by.

Because of the fixed deadline associated with conferences, you’re faced with launching your product no matter what happens. This builds your team. Everyone involved with the product, from development to marketing, has to come together, for the good of the product, and put out the best possible version at a very specific time.

Prepping for the event

  • Make sure you have the best possible version of your product ready for launch. This is critical. It’s your product’s debut to the world and you need to seize the opportunity.
  • Your support materials for product marketing need to be ready and in place. This includes images, photos and other media on your website as well as promotional literature like business cards, brochures and fliers.
  • Research convention presentations on YouTube or other companies’ websites to see what has worked and what hasn’t
  • Practice your presentation ad nauseam
  • Contact journalists or bloggers at least 48 hours prior to your launch. Even though there are dozens of new product launches at a conference, a typical reporter can only cover 1 to 2 stories per day. They zero in on what they find important. With a news cycle 12 hours at most, you want your story to go out while it’s still news. If you wait until the day after your product launches, it may be too late. This is also a way to make even more information available for people to find when they do a web search.
  • Remember, any information you give the media should be under embargo. This is information or news about a product that cannot be published until a specific date.


Conferences help you achieve what business is all about – putting your product in the hands of the people who want it most. Take advantage of this opportunity to target attendees and the press all in one place.

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