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The Hiring Process at Printwand

Hiring Process InterviewPhone Interview

If we review your resume and feel your skills and experience are what we may be looking for, we will give you a call to discuss your background, skill level and experience. Throughout this process, we will decide if you should be brought in for a face to face interview.

In-Person Interview

At this point, we welcome you to our office to sit down and talk with one of our recruiters and either a person in a similar position that you've applied for or a supervisor of that position. You will be asked questions related to the position you are applying for, along with general questions that relate to our industry and your personality.

During this process, we are trying to evaluate your problem solving skills and determine how you would fit in with the culture of the company. We are a creative company and often times there is not a correct answer to a question; we are just trying to determine the process of how you got there.

Second In-Person Interview

If we feel you are a candidate we would like to pursue further, we will contact you to come in for a second interview. At this time you will meet with our CEO to determine if he thinks you would be the correct fit for our company. During this interview, you may be asked to show examples of your skills by answering questions and taking a basic skills test. At this point, salary will be discussed and a position with the company may or may not be offered.

Often times, an offer is not made on the spot. A decision is usually not made until after you have left and your interview has been discussed with other team members. At this point, we would either ask you to come back in to discuss an offer or do so over the phone.