8 Tips For Writing A Mind-Blowing Slogan

8 Tips For Writing A Mind-Blowing SloganA slogan or tagline is a unifying message that boils your company’s identity down to a digestible, tasty nugget. Its quick and catchy nature makes it easy for customers to remember and associate it with your business.

It’s crucial to make your slogan interesting and meaningful. Follow these 8 simple tips, and you’ll be able to create a striking slogan that buyers are sure to remember.

      1. Short is Sweet

        Your slogan shouldn’t be more than a single sentence long, and in many cases, a sentence fragment works best. The shorter the slogan, the easier it is to remember. Highlight the most appealing part of your business in as few words as possible (preferably between five and ten).

      2. Be Original

        It’s okay to find inspiration in existing ads, but don’t try to mimic or adapt a well-known slogan or tagline that’s already successful. No more “got milk?” parodies, please. Why would anyone want to settle for an imitation of something they’ve already heard of? You also run the risk of infringing on copyrights. Being unique and standing out from the crowd is both safer and smarter.

      3. Be Realistic

        Don’t make promises that you can’t keep. It’s probably not a great idea to claim “the lowest prices ever” unless you actually have them (and even then, there’s always a chance that someone else can go lower). Be honest in your claims and don’t exaggerate.

      4. Be Poetic

        Think of your slogan as a line of poetry.

        Think of your slogan as a line of poetry. A good rhythm and flow makes it more pleasing to listen to and think about. Rhyming or repetition of similar-sounding words (“the best steak in the state,” for example) are also handy for turning your slogan into a memorable “earworm.”

      5. Make it Readable

        Avoid any unclear or confusing language in your slogan; be sure to use active voice and correct grammar. Active voice is a sentence structure where the subject is performing the action instead of having an action be performed upon it.

        Active Voice vs Passive Voice Slogan

        Nike's slogan isn't nearly as catchy when written in passive voice.

      6. Make it Sayable

        Say your slogan out loud. How does it sound? Does it flow easily or leave you tongue-tied?

        An episode of the sitcom 30 Rock involved a movie called “The Rural Juror.” It looks fine on paper, but try saying it out loud and it’s downright painful. Your slogan shouldn’t just be easy to read and remember; it should be easy to say.

      7. Focus on Customer Benefit

        Nearly every successful slogan provides some reason why the customer would want to frequent your business in the first place. Burger King lets you “have it your way.” State Farm is “like a good neighbor,” and DeBeers “diamonds are forever.” All of these draw attention to a key benefit of the business or product: customizability, friendliness, and longevity. Even with a simple phrase, you can really encapsulate what makes your company attractive.

      8. Don’t Be a Comedian

        Humor can be an effective way to make your slogan memorable, but be careful. It’s easy for brands such as 7 Up to get away with “joke” campaigns such as “Make 7 Up Yours” because they’re already well-known and have a solid customer base. But if you didn’t know what 7 Up actually was, or hadn’t seen their commercial on national TV, you wouldn’t get very much out of that slogan. Newer and smaller companies are better off using a slogan that’s descriptive and substantial.


A good slogan can give your campaign a boost of charm and presence, but a bad one can just leave potential customers confused. By sticking to these guidelines, your promotion or campaign will remain vivid in people’s minds.

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